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Termites hide from view as they forage for food; therefore, they might not be detected until extensive damage is done. Termites feed on cellulose-based material like wood, drywall, furniture, books, and boxes, and can cause extensive damage to your home and property unless the proper precautions are taken. The professionals at Layne's Professional Services can inspect your home and exterminate any existing infestations, then treat your home to prevent future infestations.

Types of termite infestations:

  • Drywood Termites: Found throughout the southern regions of the United States, these insects live inside dry wood.

  • Subterranean Termites: Require moisture in the soil to survive. They live in colonies in soil and can tunnel hundreds of feet to reach food above ground. They build mud tubes to protect them from air, light, and enemies.

  • Formosan Termites: An aggressive species of subterranean termites that can establish secondary nests above the ground.

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Most homeowner's insurance policies don't include coverage for damage done by termites. Continuous treatment to prevent infestations is always a good investment, especially when it comes to keep your home and your family safe.


"Termidor© Termite Defense, America’s #1 termite defense” is the preferred product of Layne’s Professional Services in treating termite infestations.

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